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Tips and places to find more information on how to use GeoSpatial data

Journalists cannot complain about the lack of data when they have to report about the Earth. Scientists have been collecting information about our environment in so many forms, for so many years, that dealing with quantity is more of a problem than suffering from scarcity.However, learning how to turn data into interesting stories backed up by compelling visual evidence is a different challenge. 

Data.theThirdPole is a online geospatial database focused on providing access to useful data in a diversity of file formats that can be used in a variety of visualization applications. Weither your goal is to create a map, infographic, or chart, each creation has their own unique set of tasks, applications, workflows and documentation. If you are in need of help turning material cataloged on Data.theThridPole, there are numerous helpful tutorials and free online course that have been developed to help journalists use data as a part of their storytelling. The following list is a good starting point: 


Data Driven Journalism is one of the leading initiatives for training, resources and networking in the area of data journalism. Founded in 2010, the program= is dedicated to accelerating the diffusion and improving the quality of data journalism around the world, whether the focus is on investigations, news applications, putting news into context, or simply using data to inform and assist journalistic work.

The Data Journalism Handbook

Dubbed the “bible” of data journalism, the handbook is a reference book on how journalists can use data to improve their work, with contributions from the New York Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, the Chicago Tribune, Deutsche Welle, the Guardian, the Financial Times, La Nacion, ProPublica, the Washington Post, Zeit Online and many others. Produced in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation and published by O’Reilly Media, the book is used in newsrooms across the world as well as in universities in journalism, statistics and graphic design courses alike. The book is available in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian. 

GeoJournalism Handbook

His online collection of tutorials is tailored toward solving issues faced by environmental journalists in their coverage of a rapidly changing planet. This handbook focused each tutorial on a project or task completed by an professionals journalists whose using data in their storytelling. Each step is outlined with explanation of technical tools used, a glossary of important terms, and links to external documentation.

School of Data

The School of Data aims to make your learning experience as tailored as possible through independent learning modules. Learning modules are all stand-alone and can be taken in any order. To make your learning experience easier, School of Data has curated modules into a series of courses - with a focus on data basics as well as specific skills.