Guwahati, India


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Organization Profile

Aaranyak strives to protect nature and its resources, including animal and plant species, forests, water bodies and mountains, as we believe that the welfare of our communities is intimately linked to pristine nature. It works to secure a future for all species that are under any sort of threat. It banks on scientific means, law, advocacy, community engagement, education and much more, in its endeavour to protect land, water, and climate that are vital for survival of all animal and plant species. The efforts to leave behind a vibrant nature face a range of national and worldwide threats to biodiversity that include overpopulation , climate change and man’s quest for rapid development. Now into the 21st year of its mission, it tries hard for continued expansion, creativity, and unrestrained action for protection of most endangered species, rivers and water bodies, mitigating impact of changing climate in North East India.